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Our Partners

We create partnerships with organizations who are aimed at creating positive change within our community.  Our effective marketing strategies, paired with our innovative techniques and talented team, is the perfect combination to take any Nonprofit to the next level!


Founded in 2010, Stand for the Silent has fast become one of the leading and most effective anti-bullying organizations. Our mission is simple: bring awareness to bullying and the real devastation it causes. Stand For The Silent runs solely off generous donations from those who

support our mission.

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L.E.A.D is a nonprofit organization, supported by dedicated police officers, committed to protecting our youth and communities from the proliferation of drugs, drug related crimes, peer to peer/cyber bullying and violence. We achieve our goals by collaborating with educators, community leaders, families and L.E.A.D. support organizations.


Our strength is amplified with collective action, and you can help make a difference! Get in touch today and join the change!

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